Health and Wellness

The DeKalb Alphas has, as part of our ongoing effort to enrich the lives of our Chapter Brothers and mentees, a comprehensive Health and Wellness Program.

This programming includes a year-long wellness challenge where Brothers record and report their exercise and fitness activities throughout the year. Those activities generate points that factor into our Annual Heath & and Wellness Challenge day executed every spring. The Wellness Day Challenge is a field day that features a number of competitive events and culminates in the awarding of the Bro. Ralph C.T. Franklin Cup, named after a beloved Brother of our Chapter who’s life was taken by prostate cancer.

In 2014, The DeKalb Alphas Health and Wellness Program was recognized as Outstanding Program of the Year at the Georgia District Convention.

The Health & Wellness Committee also publishes, with the able and knowledgeable contribution of Bro. William Bennett M.D., PhD,  a Monthly Newsletter focused on health issues that we should all be aware of and solutions for living a more healthy life. You will find recent editions of the urHealth Newsletter below.

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urHealth 2019

urHealth January 2019: Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)

urHealth February 2019: Eye Pain and Other Vision Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

urHealth March 2019: Living Well with Hearing Loss

urHealth April 2019: Canker Sore Symptoms:  Are Canker Sores Contagious 

urHealth May 2019: Cold Sore vs Canker Sore

urHealth June 2019: Nasopharyngeal Cancer

urHealth July 2019: Mouth Cancer Can Occur Anywhere In The Mouth

urHealth August 2019: Pharyngitis

urHealth September 2019

urHealth October 2019

urHealth November 2019

urHealth December 2019


urHealth 2018

urHealth January 2018: The Common Cold

urHealth February 2018: Baker's Cyst

urHealth March 2018: Hypertension

urHealth April 2018: Diabetes

urHealth May 2018: Carotid Artery Disease

urHealth June 2018: The Uncomfortable Itch

urHealth July 2018: Ear Infection

urHealth August 2018: Sexual Desire Disorders

urHealth September 2018: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection

urHealth October 2018: Breast Cancer

urHealth November 2018: Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

urHealth December 2018: How to Quit Smoking Plan


urHealth 2017

urHealth January 2017: Causes of Allergic Rhinitis (allergies)

urHealth February 2017: Avascular Necrosis

urHealth March 2017: Portal Hypertension

urHealth April 2017: Tonsils and Adenoids

urHealth May 2017: Diabetic Neuropathy

urHealth June 2017: It Itches Down There

urHealth July 2017: What Causes Blindness

urHealth August 2017: Deafness and Hearing Loss

urHealth September 2017: HIV AIDS

urHealth October 2017: Breast Cancer

urHealth November 2017: Diabetes

urHealth December 2017: Anencephaly


urHealth 2016

urHealth January 2016: Acoustic Neuroma

urHealth February 2016: Sensory Processing Disorder

urHealth March 2016: Bladder Cancer

urHealth April 2016: Dengue Fever 

urHealth May 2016: Enlarged Liver

urHealth June 2016: 2015-2016 Nu Mu Lambda Wellness Day Challenge

urHealth July 2016: Fibromyalgia

urHealth August 2016: Let's Talk Depression

urHealth September 2016: Graves Disease

urHealth October 2016: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

urHealth November 2016: Infertility

urHealth December 2016: Infantile Jaundice


urHealth 2015

urHealth January 2015: Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

urHealth February 2015: Heart Awareness Month

urHealth March 2015: Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

urHealth April 2015: Alcohol Awareness Month

urHealth May 2015: National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

urHealth June 2015: National Safety Month

urHealth July 2015: Group B Strep Disease Month

urHealth August 2015: National Immunization Awareness Month

urHealth September 2015: Fruits and Veggies - More Matters Month

urHealth October 2015: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

urHealth November 2015: National Diabetes Month

urHealth December 2015: World AIDS Day