Welcome behind the shield to the Members Only section of DeKalbAlphas.org.

This section of our site is intended only for Financial Brothers of the Nu Mu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

In this inaugural launch of our new website, Brothers who were financial during the 2011-2012 Fraternal year will also be given access to these pages.

Among the resources you’ll find here will be  photos and videos of events, chapter reports, a digital historian’s archive and more.

If you have any submissions to the site, find errors that need to be corrected, additions to the calendar, or any other requests for the technology committee as it relates to any part of DeKalbAlphas.org, you can communicate that to us via our on-line form.

For submissions relating to time sensitive events that need to be publicized or announced to the Brotherhood, please complete the on-line form a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the event to ensure enough time to process your request.

Thank you Brothers and enjoy DeKalbAlphas.org behind the shield!

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