Charles H. Wesley Education FoundationFormed in 1999 and named for the 14th General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the Charles H. Wesley Education Foundation is the non-profit arm of the DeKalb Alpha's (Nu Mu Lambda Chapter), and is a registered 501c3 organization in the state of Georgia.

The mission of the Charles H. Wesley Education Foundation is to fund the education programs of the DeKalb Alphas and to provide scholarships for college bound youth that we mentor. These programs currently serve young men from the fourth grade through high school. Soon, a component of our education programs will extend even to post secondary school students. These programs operate as a feature of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.’s National Program Go to High School, Go To College.

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Our 4th through 10th grade mentoring programs are executed through our Young Men of Excellence (YME) program and Men of Excellence (MX) programs. These programs offer grade specific areas of focus and are designed to strengthen the young men’s academic and social skills as they move through this critical time of development in their lives.

Our program for high school juniors and seniors is conducted under the DeKalb Alpha’s beautillion enrichments program. The focus of these Enrichments/seminars is to prepare the young men for college and beyond.

Another important part of the Beautillion is the provision of college scholarships. To date, through the Charles H. Wesley Education Foundation, the DeKalb Alphas has contributed thousands of dollars in scholarships to high school seniors from across the Metropolitan Atlanta Area.

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In addition to all the life skills development that takes place as a result of these programs, it’s important to note that a major component of all our mentoring efforts include an emphasis on and commitment to community service. Our programs stress the importance of giving back and have included such activities as feeding the homeless, Dekalb county south river clean-up, and building walking trails at Arabia Mountain Park.

Individual and corporate sponsors like you help fund the Charles H. Wesley Education Foundation, and the foundation’s 501c3 status makes your generous contributions tax deductible.

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